StudioRSR Cartesian (F90) BMW M5 roll cage / roll bar
StudioRSR Cartesian (F90) BMW M5 roll cage / roll bar
StudioRSR Cartesian (F90) BMW M5 roll cage / roll bar
StudioRSR Cartesian (F90) BMW M5 roll cage / roll bar
StudioRSR Cartesian (F90) BMW M5 roll cage / roll bar

StudioRSR Cartesian (F90) BMW M5 roll cage / roll bar

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StudioRSR has developed an outstanding 100% Bolt-In rollcage / rollbar (half-cage) for the BMW F90 chassis. A functional aesthetic use with rear-seat compatibility and increased chassis rigidity match the upgraded characteristics of the F90 BMW. The StudioRSR Cartesian roll cage is the premium option available in the market. Designed and manufactured in-house, StudioRSR uses the latest manufacturing technologies to create this upgrade with *Optional NASA Racing specifications* and wide-radius bends. There is zero metal crimping and zero tubing wall failure that is often seen from alternative roll cages. The Cartesian half-cage is 100% bolt-in featuring a 4-point optimum mounting design with 6 form-fitted brackets specific to the F90 chassis. Professional installation is recommended, but installation is made easy with Propriety CNC machined tube-integrated chromoly tubing clamps, zero welding, and all necessary hardware included. Additionally, street-spec classed vehicles can retain their rear seats if preferred. Available in-house at StudioRSR or shipped direct to you or your preferred Dealer/Installer internationally. The Cartesian half-cage consists of 2 main pieces making installation and shipping even easier.

The development of the F90 roll cage / roll bar came about by popular demand from StudioRSR's Tesseract BMW M4 roll cage. With several clients and some of our own staff now licensed and racing within several NASA & SCCA Racing, HPDE, and Time Trial classes, a professional motorsport solution was needed to maintain manufacturing quality in-house. As a specific benefit, the Tesseract's visual aesthetic matches the aggressive, modern design of the BMW F90 M5 perfectly.

- 100% bolt-in
- Rear Seat Compatible - Fits with rear seats installed 
- NASA Racing spec w/straight leg version (**as of 2022.5 rulebook, not sanctioned) 
- Street/HPDE spec w/Cartesian bent leg version
- 4-point half-cage
- 6 steel brackets form-fitted to the F90 chassis
- Made with latest manufacturing technologies
- Wide-Radius bends = even stress distribution, no metal crimping, & no tubing wall failure
- Designed with optimum bolt locations to factory mounting points
- Signature designed StudioRSR "Cartesian" curved rear legs
- Premium chromoly interlocking tubing clamps
- Heavy-duty DOM steel 1.75" x .120 wall thickness all-around
- All Grade-8 mounting hardware included
- Installation instruction included
- This product is intended for Off-Road use only
- Product photos may vary from actual item
- StudioRSR Terms & Conditions apply (see link below to Terms & Conditions)
- 100% Made in USA
- Powdercoated in Red, White, Yellow, or Black at no additional cost